In a world obsessed with more, there’s often an us vs them competition going on between game studios where the player can be left to sit on the sidelines while watching the spectacle. Let’s get real, this endless chase for the most and the best is a shallow game. It’s clear we’re stuck in a loop of superficiality, superlatives, labels, and hyperbole.

Almost every game marketing campaign is a relentless parade of extremes where everything’s either the best ever or not worth your time. This sets up unrealistic player expectations that can often result in feeling disappointed, burned and betrayed. The various meanings of superlatives are often drown in a sea of bests and mosts.

What can you as the player do about it? As it turns out, quite a lot actually. Growing up, many of us heard that video games could foster nothing but laziness, antisocial behavior, and even violence. This negative, one-dimensional and mutually exclusive perspective still persists. Many gamers are even still stereotyped as introverted hermits who only reside in dark environments and never venture outside.

Do such individuals still exist? Sure they do, it’s a diverse world out there but they’re not the majority. Let’s cut through this one-dimensional noise. It’s time to challenge these negative perceptions and the limiting labels that come with the territory. By changing these internal narratives, one can be part of a revolution against such one-dimensional existence.

Self labeling as an introvert is part of a narrow view that confines an individual to a one-dimensional spectrum of identity. It ignores the complex, nuanced and multidimensional nature of who humans are. The belief that we must be either this or that, introvert or extrovert, traps us in a cognitive prison of our own making. Here’s some truth: You are not just an introvert or an extrovert. You embody elements of both.

Sounds simple and obvious enough to avoid but many have still shackled themselves. Choose to break free from these limiting beliefs. Already free? Help us dissolve the false dichotomy of introvert versus extrovert. Lead by example by abolishing these words from your everyday communication as the continued use of these are like the chains connected to the shackles. What is the multidimensional equivalent of the one-dimensional spectrum this dichotomy is based upon?

Here’s our take: Visualize a cube nested inside another cube, with the corresponding vertices of the inner and outer cubes interconnected. These connections occur in a higher dimension, extending beyond the three dimensions of 3D perception. This tesseract, also known as a hypercube, is a 4D counterpart to the cube.

Can’t imagine it? Don’t worry about it. Just have a look at our logo. Every individual element enhances the others, embodying the beauty of interconnectedness and interdependence within a unified whole. It’s not by accident that we choose to embody this geometry in our company logo.

This tesseract symbolizes the new dimension in gaming and new direction that Both-And Studios strives to achieve. It represents our commitment to transcending gaming boundaries, bridging divisions, and creating unifying experiences.

We ask you to join us in embracing the plurality of the human spirit, in a world where gaming is a gateway to both intrinsic joy and growth. You are more than just a label or an identity. You are a vibrant collection of individual complementary and distinctive aspects that make up a whole. Every aspect of your holistic being deserves to shine radiantly.

Holistically Yours,

Both-And Studios