Tired of Quest Grind and Passive Environments?

Lookout offers an alternative where both familiar and new elements are synergized in a fun and rewarding way. Since we are growing weary of the same old post-apocalyptic tropes, Lookout is a new take on base defense, set in a pre-apocalyptic timeline. Also, Lookout’s environments aren’t just there for show. They’re essential to the story and offer actual interactive experiences – allowing the player to engage with vibrant environments that are more than mere props. A balance of story, action, and introspective moments keeps gameplay from getting repetitive.

Our motto: Challenge the game.

Adapt and Survive in the Alaskan Triangle

Navigate the treacherous and mysterious terrain of the Alaskan Triangle. Lookout immerses players in an environment where survival hinges on adapting to unexpected challenges, using both the Lumilign’s advanced tech and human cunning to protect the Sky City.

Collaborative Strategy Against the Seige

In Lookout, the strategy goes beyond the typical “us vs. them” battlefield mentality. The player must collaborate by combining Lumilign technological marvels with human resourcefulness to outmaneuver the goblin threat, ensuring the safety of both the Sky City and Earth.

Preserve the Legacy, Protect the Lumilign

Players are tasked with safeguarding the invaluable Lumilign crystals, ZPE (Zero Point Energy) cores, and all their other knowledge. Success means preserving a civilization’s legacy while preventing both biological and technological catastrophes that could impact humanity, making every decision in Lookout carry weight.

Zero-point energy core.

Carry Out Stealth Operations Amongst Goblins

Discover the intrigue of Lumilign scouting methodology and technology. Lookout challenges players to maintain the delicate balance of stealth, recon, neutralization and defense. Eliminate threats, gather intelligence, and collect resources crucial to their shared home.

Technological Wonders at Your Command

Utilize the Lumilign’s exceptional technology to defend the land. Players will have access to unique tools and devices unseen in other games, offering creative solutions to complex problems while ensuring the Sky City remains a beacon of hope and innovation.

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