Patrol the skies.
Defend The Land.
Protect The Lumilign.

Let’s face it, you don’t know who the Lumilign are, and likely don’t even care yet. You just want an affordable and fun experience. If that experience happens to include sentient trees and goblins, that’s probably immaterial to your intrinsic reasons for playing the game. Maybe you like the graphic’s aesthetic, but would also like some substance to go along with that. At Both-And Studios, we’re looking out for the ones that matter: Our players.

Perhaps you’ve noticed how greedy AAA studios who ask $70 USD (or more) talk about their characters, their story, their lush environments, their ground-breaking technology, or even their so-called innovations that actually turn out to just be novel twists? We’re just as tired of feeling burned and betrayed by these game developers as you.

We at Both-And Studios hear you loud and clear. Without players, any games we make won’t matter. Lookout is being crafted for gamers who want to dive into a world that respects both their time and wallet. The Lumilign, while part of this world, aren’t just there for decoration. They represent something deeper — a chance to engage in a story that unfolds on your terms, in your time.

Meet the Lumilign

The Lumilign fled their home planet and now call Earth home just as humans do. Unlike humans, they’re not warriors though. They’re scientists, arborists, anthropologists, and more. Their way of life is based on the Both-And Paradigm.
They can walk on Earth amongst us by using Lumilign technology that projects their consciousness down from their Sky City to an organically grown biological human vessel.
In Lookout, you’re not investing in a fleeting distraction; you’re choosing an experience that aligns with your life, and your schedule. Here the enjoyment isn’t measured by the length of the game, but by the quality of each session, the satisfaction of tactical victories achieved, and challenges overcome.

Lookout invites you to step into a game that fits your life, and where the value isn’t in the price alone. It’s in the moments of your own triumph and strategic brilliance. Welcome to a game where the Lumilign and their world are just the beginning of an adventure that values your time, your experience, and your need for a worthwhile gaming journey.

Lookout is the game you’ve been waiting for. While you’ll potentially always have a nostalgic place in your heart for the classics, we understand that you’re tired of the same old base defense, strategy, and tactics game genres as they exist today. You want something that challenges your where you are now, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and respects your limited time for play.

Help Wanted: Twilight Custodian

Hours: Dusk To Daylight.

Are you a fan of nocturnal adventures? Do you find solace in the eerie calm of the forest at night? If so, we might have an intriguing opportunity for you! However, it’s not for the faint of heart or those allergic to adventure.
Ideal Candidate: We’re looking for an individual who finds the night full of wonder. Appreciation of the great outdoors is a bonus, as you’ll be spending long nights in a cozy, somewhat mysterious tower where things often go bump in the night.

Four Keys To Victory

Build, Scout, Neutralize, and Defend!

Build your base. Place traps and obstacles. Leverage Lumlign materials and methods.

Scout the enemy with Lumilign technology.

Neutralize by stealth. Eliminate certain individual threats before the main battle even begins.

Take on the role of the the Twilight Custodian to strategize and defend the base!

Protect and Survive the Goblin Attacks At Night

Unpredictable goblin attacks target your power supplies and the Lumilign, adding urgency and tactical challenges, requiring players to respond quickly to protect or restore essential resources.

Failing to defend the village entrance allows goblins to enter and inflict the scourge on the residents. This consequence raises the stakes, making each defense phase more critical.
Set in the Alaskan Triangle, you’ll face complex problems that demand your best tactical thinking. The game’s story and characters, while important, are secondary to giving you a platform to showcase your skills and an environment where your decisions have a real impact. You’re not just playing to pass the time, you’re engaging in a mental battle — personally transforming like the character in the story, and devising strategies to outwit opponents.

In Lookout, your skills are the cornerstone of every mission. As you navigate through the challenging terrain of the Alaskan Triangle, you’re not bogged down by repetitive gameplay. Instead, you’re presented with scenarios that require you to think differently and to plan each move with precision and foresight. Your strategies aren’t just about winning or mastering the game mechanics. What matters is the philosophical undercurrents behind your choices.

The environment of Lookout is not just a backdrop. It’s an active participant in your quest for gaming excellence. Every element of the Alaskan wilderness is a piece of the puzzle you’re solving. Where others offer static and repetitive gameplay, Lookout challenges you with dynamic, responsive gameplay that changes with each of your decisions. Here, your ability to adapt and overcome is not just tested but celebrated.

For Humanity’s Sake, The Lumilign Sky City Must Not Fall

The city is a storehouse of the Lumilign technological and cultural legacy. If it were to fall, along with the loss of much life, these too would be lost forever. A shield protects and renders the city invisible.
The Lookout Tower on Earth represents the only way to get to the Lumilign Sky City above. The goblins have been searching for the way into the city and they just found it.

Will you answer the call to protect it?


Lookout strips away the unnecessary frills of convoluted storylines and instead focuses on what truly matters to you as a gamer. Lookout offers a challenging, immersive experience that respects your intelligence and rewards your tactical skill. This game is your arena, where your decisions lead to tangible outcomes, where each victory feels earned, and every defeat is a lesson.

Welcome to Lookout, where gaming isn’t just a pastime — it’s a testament to your strategic genius.