How do the Lumilign embody the pioneering and resilient nature of the Alaskan Triangle?

A picture of Denali National Park

In a pre-apocalyptic setting of the mysterious Alaskan Triangle where sci-fi meets nature, Lookout synthesizes base defense with philosophical narrative, putting players in the active role of protecting the Lumilign race from encroaching supernatural forces.

The Alaskan Triangle has been the subject of intrigue and speculation for years. It is a place where a number of aircraft have vanished, and people have disappeared without a trace, fueling legends and theories that range from the scientific to the supernatural.

In the Alaskan Triangle, forests are characterized by diverse flora, including Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) and Red Alder (Alnus rubra). Western Hemlock, known for its longevity and shade tolerance, plays a crucial role in the ecosystem as a dominant tree species in this region, contributing significantly to the forest structure and habitat complexity. It’s recognized by its drooping top and feathery foliage, thriving in the moist, cool climates found within the Alaskan Triangle.

Red Alder is a pioneer species, often one of the first to colonize disturbed sites. It improves soil fertility by fixing nitrogen, thus playing a vital role in ecological succession and forest regeneration. Red Alder is easily identified by its broad leaves and the reddish color of its bark when cut. This species prefers wetter soil conditions and is commonly found along streams and in wet, open areas within the forests.

As a player in Lookout, you’ll discover that the Lumilign and the Red Alder share a bond as pioneers in their respective realms. The Red Alder acts as a natural restorer, paving the way for species revival. Your role will tap into the innovative spirit of the Lumilign, akin to the role of the Red Alder, restoring what was lost and reviving a species.

You’ll interact with these environments, meet the Lumilign and utilize their technology around you to build your defense against the encroaching supernatural forces. This is your chance to explore the game’s deep themes of interconnection and recognize the importance of each species’ role in maintaining the health of the ecosystem. The future of the Lumilign race and the Alaskan wilderness is in your hands.

There’s a towering peak that stands as the crown of the Alaskan Range which is situated within the enigmatic expanse of the Alaskan Triangle. Veiled in mystery, it stretches between Anchorage, Juneau, and Barrow. Amidst this triangle lies a mountain so formidable that the Athabascan Indians, who have inhabited the region for millennia, named it Denali which translates to “the high one” or “great one” in English. The Athabascans are traditionally hunter-gatherers and fishers that live in the forested river

The presence of Denali within the Alaskan Triangle serves as a constant reminder of the awe-inspiring power of nature and the enduring stories of the people who have lived in its shadow. It contributes to the Triangle’s aura of mystery. Its sheer size and the extreme conditions at its summit have tested the limits of human endurance and bravery. It is a living symbol of the wild and untamed spirit that has come to define both Lookout and the Alaskan wilderness.

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